Cannabis thérapeutique

janvier 03, 2013
Guillaume J. Plisson

Les vertus médicales du cannabis sont employées de longue date, comme en atteste un traité de phytothérapie paru en Chine, quelques 5000 ans avant Jésus-Christ.

Aujourd’hui plusieurs pays ont recours à l`utilisation thérapeutique de cannabis : la Suisse, l’Australie, le Canada, les Pays-Bas, la Grande-Bretagne, l’Espagne ou encore certains états américains…

Ailleurs l’emploi de cannabis pour se soigner est illégal. Voici le parcours de malades français atteints de sida, myopathie, de maladie orpheline ou victime d’accident qui prennent leurs responsabilités et leur santé en main. Ils produisent, font cultiver ou se rendent régulièrement dans des pays plus permissifs pour consulter des médecins qui prescrivent du cannabis sur ordonnance.

J’ai tenté de comprendre et de suivre les démarches de ces malades confrontés à la clandestinité pour se soigner.

  • Jerome, a myopath. « If the decision makers or their close relations suffered as I do, I d like to see their reaction concerning alternative therapies such as hemp ! ». Jerome is in the cupboard used for growing hemp. This culture requires a lot of room and an expensive installation including an air-extractor, lamps, fans and fertilizers. Moreover, this installation consumes a lot of electricity. FRANCE-

  • Patrick stopped the medicines associated to his tri-therapy three months ago. He takes hemp every day. He has put on weight (13 kilos). Hemp flowers have been the only complement to his tri-therapy for one year and a half. FRANCE -

  • Patrick has provided himself in black markets. But he does not do it anymore because of the violence he found there. His doctor has refused to give him a treatment with cannabis because: “the regulation gives no possibility in France”. Today he goes to Switzerland to buy some, with a medical prescription. But the journeys are tiring and expensive, and his treatment costly and reprehensible in France. On this picture, he is holding his prescription of cannabis and tri-therapy. SWITZERLAND-

  • Recolte des excroissances fleuries arrivees a maturite, fin septembremorat, murten, SWITZERLAND Flowers are gathered when they come to maturity, at the end of September. morat murten, SWITZERLAND

  • A Swiss farm where hemp is grown. They export in particular towards Germany for pharmaceutical industry. SWITZERLAND-

  • A cellar where the hemp flowers are sold. SWITZERLAND-

  • Back in France. This is the amount he needs for a six months treatment. FRANCE-

  • Antonin is preparing the cannabis flowers he smokes. FRANCE-

  • According to him, cannabis has a lot less side effects than morphine. The scar of the accident he had at work. FRANCE-

  • Alain grows hemp in a therapeutic purpose. He is holding the patients’ discharges saying that his cultures are made in a medical and not a recreative purpose - although they have no legal value. The patients who prefer special varieties of hemp, provide him with seeds and cuttings. Alain will grow them and give to the ill persons the dried flowers, free of charge. FRANCE-

  • Illegal culture of cannabis in France.

  • Produits à base de chanvre. Hemp-based products.

  • He provides patients with dried, out of leaves and ready to use flowers. FRANCE-

  • Stephane is growing cannabis in his flat in France. He provides some patients with it, such as Jerome, myopath. FRANCE-

  • As there is no combustion, using a « bubble » produces no tar, contrary to smoking cannabis in a rolled cigarette. This type of inhalation presents a lot of advantages for immuno-deficients. FRANCE-

  • Sandrine has orphan illnesses which make her suffer from neuralgia with varied troubles. She smokes every day to relieve her pains. She even smoked during her wedding. FRANCE-

  • Sandrine grows hemp in her flat. But she does not produce enough of it for her consumption. So she must buy some where she can. FRANCE-

  • Daily medicines replaced by hemp flowers. It is the treatment which enables to avoid the side effects of the tri-therapy used to cure AIDS. Patrick preserves his liver and intestines with cannabis. He only has 15% of healthy liver (because of a C and a fulminant hepatites, as well as a cirrhosis). FRANCE-

  • Patrick is inhalating hemp. He rolls it in cigarettes. He prefers this way of using it to infusions or tinctures. FRANCE-

  • Antonin, a carpenter, had an accident. A beam fell down on his head. His spinal chord was damaged. It was proved that the surgeon made a medical mistake during his last operation. Since then, he has been relieved by morphine. He took six hundred milligrams of it for two years… “You don’t do anything. You are a zombie”, he says. “Hemp was a psychological support. It helped me to regain my appetite and to reduce morphine. I would have shot myself if I hadn’t had hemp!” FRANCE-

  • A hemp flower details. FRANCE-